Emotionally Healthy Relationships

Join us for the second class from Pete and Geri Scazzero as they lead us through the practice of effective communication skills. These skills can be used at work, in marriages, with families and friends and basically in any place you encounter others.

Pete & Geri are now opening this course to anyone. If you have taken Emotionally Healthy Spirituality before, then you have an excellent platform from which to launch this course. However, these skills can be learned at any time and now, this course has no prerequisite.

In this class, you will practice communication techniques based on the principles learned in Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. Examples include: discovering how your family history impacts your current relationships, how to listen and be present with others, tools for conflict resolution, how to stop allowing unclear expectations to hurt others, and more. The goal is to learn to love people as Jesus did.

Emotionally Healthy Relationships will be offered in 2022