Integrated Health Transformaion Centre, Inc.

Our Name

Integrated - We are an interdisciplinary healthcare ministry integrating medical science, psychology, physical therapies, and Christian spirituality.

Health - We aim to restore health and wellness to body, soul, and spirit.

Transformation - We desire to see lives, leaders, relationships, and communities transformed by love.

Centre - We serve the local community, as well as receive referrals from healthcare professionals and clergy in our Maritime Provinces region. 

About Us

Integrated Health Transformation Centre Inc. is an incorporated nonprofit on PEI with a mission to provide education and healthcare services to supplement existing services. Our approach is on the whole person and is based on the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model of health and wellness.  

Our focus will be prevention through lifestyle education and mentoring, treatment of stress-related illnesses, and breaking the transgenerational patterns of childhood trauma. We will integrate the latest neuroscience discoveries about neuroplasticity, with the fields of psychology, medicine and neurotheology.  

While we will treat and educate people or all faiths, or skeptics, we do teach the disciplines and healing methods as found in the records of Jesus Christ’s life and ministry.  

Our Values

  • Christlikeness - Jesus Christ is the One we follow and desire to emulate.
  • Compassion - We care for the hurting.
  • Respect - We honour all regardless of gender, skin colour, or faith.
  • Hope - We desire to impart hope for those who have lost it.

Our History

In 2002 two couples, Dr. Hendrik and Catherine Visser, and Jack and Shirley Ferguson, founded Centre for Restoring Hope Inc., (CFRH) a registered charity incorporated in PEI and approved by Canada Revenue Agency in 2005. It offered Christian prayer counselling services and medical services by Dr. Visser in Wholeness Family Clinic in Crapaud, PEI.  CFRH also focused on international medical and spiritual needs by supporting short-term mission teams, particularly to Africa.  It became dormant following Dr. Visser’s retirement from family practise and the sale of Wholeness Family Clinic.  

In 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Visser’s and the Ferguson’s, saw the need for similar ministry given the immense needs of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Rather than begin a new incorporated non-profit, it was decided to repurpose and rename Centre for Restoring Hope Inc. to Integrated Health Transformation Centre Inc.  This change was approved by the PEI Department of Justice and Public Safety.

Our Purpose

To provide healthcare resources to help people thrive in life, love, work and leadership.

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