Life Groups

We are in this together

Life Groups

At SCC there are big things happening in our Life Groups. We believe our Life Groups are absolutely vital to our growth as a community of people following Jesus together. Life and faith are not meant to be walked alone. Jesus modeled this and the Early Church that burst into life in the New Testament lived in this reality as well. And as early as the first chapters of Genesis we see that people were created for togetherness. All throughout scripture we see the family of God getting together, not just for weekend worship, but throughout the week in each other’s homes for meals, prayer, scripture, ministry, encouragement, help, care, evangelism, the list could go on and on! Gathering together at our Sunday celebrations are important touchstones in our journey of faith, but with so many people coming each Sunday, it can be a challenge to meet people, to get to grips with what we are actually learning and hearing from God on a regular basis, and to discuss and converse about the happenings of our lives.

We want to be a family that always welcomes, making room at our table for those that are new and for those looking for a deeper sense of community and growing as we move forward together. We want our Life Groups to be a place of connection for people to develop relationships that give opportunity to care for others, to celebrate with others, to be there in their moments of joy and sorrow and in the every day of learning how to live our lives with Jesus at the centre.

We are leaning towards the biblical model of communities of believers being there for one another in times of need and sorrow, but also in times of celebration for one and with one another. Our Life Group structure helps us to support one another in both the ups and the downs of life as we do life together.

Practically, our Life Groups start and finish on a term by term basis. The terms last between January to December. The first term being January to March, the second, April to June, take a break for the summer, and the third, October to December.

Each of our groups are generally sized between 8-12 people who meet weekly each term in various locations across our community. Some of our Core courses may be larger from time to time, but we’ll endeavour to make getting to know one another easy!

Life Groups are vital to the life of our community at Summerside Community Church and we would love to invite you into the adventure of being in this together.

We can’t wait to welcome you to be a part of our Life Groups.