Student Bursaries

Student Bursaries

SCC Christian Education Fund

This fund has been established to provide a grant/scholarship/bursary to attendees who have been accepted into a course of study at a Christian University or have successfully applied to attend YWAM or similar training.

The following are deemed to be acceptable institutions:


2. A Christian University or College

3. Others as approved by the Pastoral Team

Amount of Grant/Scholarship/Bursary: The amount shall be a sum not to exceed $750 for first-time applicants. An amount not to exceed $750 shall be available for applicants eligible for renewal to attend subsequent years. The maximum per individual shall not exceed $3000.

Applicants must:

1. Complete an application form (attached below and available from the SCC office ).

2. Provide proof of acceptance into a course of study at a Christian University/College or to attend YWAM or similar training.

3. Include a one-page testimony and vision statement.

4. Provide two letters of reference from non-family members, confirming the applicant’s Christian character.

Application Deadline:

A minimum of 90 days prior to commencement of studies.

Please forward your application and all requested documentation to

Renewal Eligibility: To be eligible for a renewal of a grant/scholarship/bursary the applicant must provide proof of having successfully completed a previous year of study and have been enrolled for the coming year of study.