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✏️ Celebration Changes

For many church can be a confusing experience. No church gets it perfectly right all the time and that is a good thing. Our limitations can keep us all on our toes, allowing us to seek growth and for those who call SCC home it provides the opportunity to share ideas to help us all do better. Church is not about the few, its about the many! We don't just do church, we are the church ☺️

Here are some of the things we have changed over the last 4 weeks.

  1. Announcements have moved to the very beginning of our morning Celebration. The goal is to remove the noise & the feeling of a 'commercial break' from the middle of our Celebration time. It has also meant that there is less competing distractions.
  2. We have changed our coffee from Presidents Choice to local coffee from Samuel's Cafe. We are offering both a Medium Roast and Dark Roast. Why not come early for good coffee ☕️!!
  3. Coffee time is well before the Celebration at 9:00am until 10:20am to remove competition with the Communion portion of the Worship Celebration.
  4. Our Communion time is meant to be a time of family and of contemplation on what Jesus death means to his followers. The goal is to better protect this time and continue in a place of worship to be followed directly by the message.

Other considerations:

⏱In no way are we seeking to remove time for people to connect. We are moving it to the best times before & after the celebration. We are working towards ending the message by 11:30am so that there is time for ministry and prayer for those who would like it but this also leaves time for people to visit before kids need to be picked up from kids church.

⏱We are looking for suggestions for where in the service time to give gifts and offerings or if its still working as it is during communion.

📝 The Survey

We would like to understand what changes you are enjoying the most and what changes you are enjoying the least. For us to truly understand your feedback, stating the reasons why, followed by what you would suggest as a better solution is going to help us hear you more clearly.

We look forward to your feedback, please complete the short survey below.