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✏️ 2018 Annual Report Feedback

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our 2018: A Year in Review — Annual Report & Financial Statements. We really appreciate you taking the time to provide us with helpful feedback for the future of this report.

Putting this together has been a labour of love for our Staff Team. We trust you will see God’s hand and love as you read through this document. In my first year as the Executive Pastor, I have learned so much and it's inspiring to see what we can accomplished together.

We are part of something so much bigger as we work on the mission Jesus gave us. I know that communication is so important to help all of us understand and feel informed about the work that is happening. This document is just one form of communication and we trust that it has answered a number of questions and even questions you didn’t know you had about our ministry and finances in 2018.

Thank you,

-- Tracy Linkletter

(Executive Pastor)

📝 The Survey

We would like to understand what is working well in the information that is presented in the Annual Report and what information you think is missing. Is there any unnecessary information and what about the report could be improved?

We also want to provide an opportunity in this survey for you to ask questions on anything in the Annual Report. Is there anything you would like clarity on? Do you have questions that you have feel are left un-answered? Once this survey closes on July 14th, we will collect these questions and if is key information that apply's to at least 50% of our church or more, we will send out a Q & A to provide answers.

In the case where questions are more unique we will answer these personally through email after July 14th.

We look forward to your feedback, please complete the short survey below.