Virtual Church

Sunday Celebrations are live on Sundays at 10 am

Welcome to Virtual Church

Virtual Church is a great way to connect with us when you can't be with us in person. You will see the links for our Facebook page and our YouTube page below. Church starts at 10:00am but the links open at about 10 minutes to the hour to give you time to connect.

See you at CHURCH on-line at 10am!

Helpful Hints For Engaging When Watching From Home

Helping kids and adults engage with an online service. 

Tip 1: Broadcast it!

Cast your device (with the FB Live) onto the TV. It helps the broadcast feel more real if it is big and can help engage your senses. 

Tip 2: Turn it up! 

Especially the worship! Again, it's about engagement...ask yourself what makes going to the cinema a special event? The big screen? The sound? Try to implement these things into your church experience to make it more "real".

Tip 3: Get focused! 

Worship is a shared experience between an individual and God... What helps you shift your focus on Him? Does flagging help? What about art? Or even drumming along, shakers, bells, spoons... now just think... if this helps you, think of how it could help keep your kids focus on Jesus too.

Tip 4: Adults need to model to kids what worship is. 

You cannot expect kids to be engaged if you are sitting on the couch with your arms crossed or scrolling on your phone while telling them to "go worship". Participate WITH your kids.

Let them see how being in the presence of Jesus is life changing... let them see you experience Him through the hardships - teach them how Jesus can help you persevere!

Let them see the Glory fall in you in Joy and tears... kids look to their parents to lead... so please lead them... humble yourself and show them so they crave that same experience! 

Tip 5: Be Authentic!

Don't put on a show or try to make something happen. Your job is to ready your heart and prepare the space. Try to tidy and clean the night before so you are not worried or distracted by these things during church time.  

Tip 6: This is Sacred time.

Stop multitasking... we know it's hard, but this is KEY!

Honour the Sabbath and keep it holy!

What makes Sunday special for your family? Ask them and try to do it! Consistency is key. But at the same time keep it fresh... ie: do church, but maybe instead of flagging inside, if it's nice out crank the sound, open the windows and flag outside.

Tip 7: Communion.

Take communion as a family. Ask each member what they are thankful for about being in the family of God. Let them lead in prayer.

Tip 8: Get your sword! 

Wipe the dust off your bible... teach your family where the books of the Bible are and get them to look up the verses as they watch. Give them coloured pencils or highlighters to colour in the verses. Teach your kids how to take notes... this skill will also translate into other areas of their lives. Again...MODEL this! Younger kids can have blank paper, clay, play-doh, etc... to show what they hear too. Encourage this!