Youth Ministry Leader

Youth Ministry Leader

Terms of Employment

Youth Ministry Leader -- Part-Time

16 hours per week beginning November 1, 2019.

Wage: based on experience

Number of Positions: 1

Employer: Summerside Community Church

To Apply: Please email resumes to

Job Description

We are looking to fill a part-time ministry position to work with SCC's youth ages 11-18. The purpose of this position is help the SCC youth grow and develop spiritually as individuals and in community. You will be responsible for the planning and implementation of weekly and monthly youth meetings, worship, fun activities, special outings, concerts, youth nights, group events, prayer and ministry time with the youth, parents, and families, mission opportunities, and a summer intern student. Other responsibilities include but are not limited to day/evening groups and activities, organizing one-on-one activities with at-risk youth, help with Sunday morning ministry, help with a Vacation Bible School community outreach, attend weekly staff meetings and help with youth related administration as required.

Applicant Considerations

Consideration will be given to candidates who are proficient in:

  • Leading weekly Youth Meetings including worship, message, facilitated discussion, prayer or ministry time, activities, games building social connection, one on one time with students and leaders.
  • Providing resources for emotional, relational and spiritual health of teens and parents (counselling, prayer). Allowing for Spiritual Growth in a safe environment.
  • Creating opportunities and supervising teens in developing their Spiritual Giftings.
  • Providing mentorship opportunities outside of Weekly Meetings for Youth and Volunteers.
  • Executing semi-annual meetings with parents for vision casting and Q & A. 
  • Ensuring connection with Children’s Ministry involving Children’s Ministry Pastor. 
  • Maintaining Youth contacts and database.
  • Administrative ability (Elvanto Database, report writing and general office duties).
  • Creating flexible ministry style focusing on “HOW” to align with the current operational objective within the church. Seeks constant feedback avoiding outdated teachings.
  • Ability to learn and adapt quickly.
  • Ability to receive instruction well.
  • Mission Experiences (references required).
  • Taking initiative, has effective interpersonal skills, flexible, team player, excellent oral communication and problem solving ability.
  • Ability to supervise and be a go-to leader for Sunday morning children’s & youth ministries.
  • Please include two written references from leaders of the organization where you have worked or volunteered.

Youth Ministry Leader Application

Please fill out the form below and submit a video answering the following questions. Email your video, resume of related work/volunteer experience and two written references from your previous volunteer or work employer to


  1. What kind of experience do you have working with youth?
  2. What kind of volunteer work have you done in the last three years? 
  3. What are three skills make you an excellent candidate for this position? 
  4. What do you find challenging about working with youth? 
  5. What have you found to be rewarding in your working with youth? 
  6. What goals do you have for future ministry next year and in the next five years?